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Original HGH 1000


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Safely Increase Your HGH Levels
"Without Expensive and Toxic Drugs or Hormones"

HGH 1000 is a powerful HGH (human growth hormone) releasing formula that brings the fountain of youth and athletic performance one step closer for all of us!

The HGH 1000 refers to the abundance of nutrients that have been added to our formula.

After you begin taking the HGH 1000 formula you and others will start noticing some profound changes in your appearance and overall health. Most importantly, you'll feel terrific!

Complete HGH 1000 Product Information

hgh 1000 plus
order hgh 1000 plus

New HGH 1000 Plus Accelerated Formula!

New HGH 1000 PLUS is based on the original HGH 1000 formula, only it works faster, and addresses several other factors involved in aging and loss of muscle mass. These include;.

1. Decline of HGH.
One of the most significant causes of aging is the decline of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as we age. HGH hits it's peak during youth., but as we approach the age of 25, when we physically stop growing, Growth Hormone levels begin to decline, sometimes significantly, resulting in age related symptoms.

2. Free Radical Oxidation.
Another major contributor to aging is free radical oxidation. Our body is constantly being bombarded by free radicals that rapidly destroy healthy cells throughout our body. Excessive free radicals eventually contribute to aging related disorders like cancer, heart disease, premature wrinkles and severe arthritis pain. GHR Platinum's superior longevity anti-oxidant formula is designed to neutralize free radicals, remove toxins and fight against rapid and premature aging!

3. Cumulative nerve damage in the brain (which causes ARCD - Age Related Cognitive Decline.)
Describes the loss of cerebral function resulting from the loss of nerve cells in the brain, thus causing us to forget names, phone numbers, entering rooms without remembering why, etc

Complete HGH 1000 PLUS Product Information